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You get each other, and the more you learn, the more in love you fall. On the way home, we were obsessively reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil — an absolute must-read for anyone mildly curious about Savannah, and referred to locally as The Book — and listening to podcasts about Savannah, like this one. Why are we such huge fans of Savannah? Was it the fact that literally everything or we ate or drank was absolutely incredible?

Was it the friendly locals who struck up conversations with us for hours over coffee or dinner or drinks? So without further ado, here are a bunch of random things nobody tells you about Savannah, Georgia, of no particular usefulness and in no particular order. Savannah was founded in by James Olgethorpea member of the British parliament who was given the project of to founding the colony of Georgia.

For anyone willing to take a risk and move their family to his colony, he promised free land: 50 acres for everyone, including a house downtown and a plot of land for farming. Everyone was promised the exact same size house and the exact same amount of land.

Even Savannah prostitutes, who also decided to savannah prostitutes in a tent for 10 savannah prostitutes because of … equality, I guess?

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Anyway, Oglethorpe also bucked the trend of treating the existing residents of the Americas with hostility. Instead, he befriended the local indigenous people, the Yamacraw tribe, and established peaceful relationship with Chief Tomachichiwho to this day is buried in Oglethorpe square.

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I imagine Savannahians were pouring shots from savannah prostitutes smuggled booze as they waved goodbye to his boat. No longer tended by a well-meaning and incredibly progressive leader, residents demanded the ability to compete with other southern colonies, like Charleston, who was stupid rich and made everyone in Savannah feel salty and petty.

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And savannah prostitutes inslavery was legalized. Followed by, probably, lawyers. The story goes that a boat full of Irish Catholics washed up at Savannah — totally lost and completely by accident. The Siege of Savannah occurred in It was one of the bloodiest and most important battles of the Revolutionary War, and the last battle ever fought by Casimir Pulaskiwho to this day is buried in Savannah in Monterey Square. The largest military unit fighting in this siege was the Chasseurs-Volontairesa group of French Haitian freemen.

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They comprised the largest black regiment to serve in the War of Independence and one of the few black regiments to fight for the American side in the Revolutionary War. Many of the same soldiers went on to be involved in the Haitian Revolutionthe only slave uprising that savannah prostitutes to the founding of a slavery-free state ruled by non-whites — a pivotal moment in the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Instead, the Mayor welcomed him with open arms — he even moved his family out of their home so that General Sherman could make himself right at home. And so they did, and not a drop of blood was spilled in Savannah during the Civil War. But, like everywhere else in Savannah, the area has a complex history, and its year old cobblestone streets bear witness to a dark past. Savannah is a port city — the Savannah Port is still one of the largest in the country. Savannah prostitutes can still see the marks on the walls where humans were chained as they waited to be sold in an auction as property.

The disease involves turning jaundice yellow, vomiting black sludge, and then dying a horrible death, and it swept through Savannah like a gauntlet. The city was never savannah prostitutes same. Literally every inch. Well, they all have ghost stories to tell.

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To hear the best ghost stories about Savannah, we recommend taking a ghost tour. Supposedly, the color is also savannah prostitutes for tricking bugs, too. Voodoo is an African religion. Hoodoo is like … folk magic. For example. Hoodoo is an integral part of the most famous Savannah story: the Jim Williams trial, made famous in The Book. While on trial for murder, Jim Williams hired a Hoodoo Root Doctor to put various spells on everyone from his lawyers to his former lover turned murder victim.

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It worked, too: Jim Williams was put on trial 4 times… and walked away free each time. It was the same spot he would have fallen had he been shot by the man he claimed to have killed in self-defense. The kicker? Juliette Gordon Lowe was born on Halloween in Savannah. She grew up in a wealthy and well-connected family, hanging out with General Sherman savannah prostitutes Rudyard Kipling and the Carnegie family.

She got married and then later divorced, pocketing a bunch of cash and a house from savannah prostitutes adulterous husband in the process. She used that cash to found savannah prostitutes Girl Scouts inwhere she encouraged the girls to become self-sufficient by learning wool spinning and livestock care, knot tying, map reading, knitting, cooking, first aid, military drilling, aling, and camping. Oh, and she did the entire thing while deaf. Apparently, she was famously accident prone and clumsy.

My kindred spirit! While he was married. When we asked our bartender what was in our drink, she listed Champagne, Bourbon, Rum, and Cognac, and then just sort of trailed off with a shrug. Feel like taking your drink for a spin along the waterfront?

Have a few social engagements lined up?

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At least, it is to us. Because the strangest and most amazing thing happened during our trip to Savannah strange and amazing both being two excellent words to describe this city : we had a PERFECT food streak. But not in Savannah. We ate.

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Was amazing. In addition, everything we ate reflected Savannah, both past and present day. Savannah has its complex history to thank for its amazing food, because Southern cooking is almost entirely derived from West African cooking. Seated next to us is an older gentleman.

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He leans over to us, a photo pulled up on his phone of a park in Savannah at night. He scrolls to the right.

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The barista, pouring coffee, casually nods. Tour guides who interacted with us in a large group for like, an hour, waved hello the next day while leading other tours. Put your phone away.

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Put your book away. Just sit and listen. This is where Savannah comes to gossip — and the same diner frequented by the author of The Book.

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THIS is the kind of pun dedication the world needs, right here. They sold out every single game — in both AND So uh, get your tickets early. Essentially, downtown Savannah is a living, breathing art school campus. Like for example, a former hospital with a network of secret tunnels that supposedly once shuttled Yellow Fever victims from the hospital to a mass grave under Forsyth Park.

The old Candler Hospital is now an art savannah prostitutes residence hall.

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On the bright side, nightmares are probably great for inspiring works of art! In addition to housing one of the best art schools in the country, Savannah is an artist mecca. Or two, or three. At one point in time, Savannah did not have a the beautiful, well-preserved historic district. It had a bunch of old houses with broken windows and cracked shutters. All of that changed when a savannah prostitutes of influential society women clutched their pearls and banded together to form the Historic Savannah Foundation.

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They raised enough money to create a revolving fund that allowed them to purchase homes from the clutches would-be developers and re-sell them to inhabitants, who in savannah prostitutes agreed to maintain savannah prostitutes certain set of historically accurate standards. The very first home they saved is the Davenport Housewhich you can still tour today.

Their work preserved the entirety of historic Savannah, which is one of the best maintained historic districts in the entire USA. To this day, local homeowners must get every single detail of their houses approved by the historic commission, from historically accurate paint colors to historically accurate door handles.

InSavannah had 24 beautiful little green squares decorating its tidily arranged streets. For like, parking lots or some other idiotic reason. Thankfully, one of them has since been restored, and the historic foundation has managed to save the rest of them from destruction. It looks like a movie set. It is SO. Savannah is a city full of stories, myths, and legends.

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You see, everything in Savannah has a story to tell. Every historic home. Every restaurant. Every friendly local. Every scenic square. Did you learn something new about Savannah, Georgia in this list of things nobody tells you?