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Augustine to conduct what they thought was the usual business transaction.

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Three years ago, the last time the agency conducted a sting operation aimed at prostitution, detectives set up a room at the Days Inn in Palm Coast as the lair. In that instance, the targets were the customers, not the service providers. A year-old Jacksonville woman made contact with a detective by text then met him at the location. Nevertheless, none were requested.

Daytona beach solicitation of prostitution attorney

Again the woman asked if there was really nothing else desired, and when the answer was no, she placed the money in her bra, at which point the takedown al was given and one of her Romeos read her her Miranda rights. A year-old woman exchanged texts with a corporal and a meeting was arranged with an undercover operative.

Once they met, at p.

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They agreed to the parameters of the encounter and the undercover paid the pre-arranged fee, not disclosed in this case. A year-old resident of St. Augustine was arrested for driving another woman to the undisclosed location, allegedly aware that it was for a sexual encounter, though the woman denied she knew it was for prostitution.

Augustine was also arrested on the charges the other women face—second offense for engaging in prostitution. One of the women, year-old Tierra Austin of Middleburg, ended up facing more than a misdemeanor prostitution charge. Less than a gram was found, along with four crack pipes and other paraphernalia.

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That resulted in a felony charge of cocaine possession. Three detectives, a sergeant, a corporal and special agents from homeland security were involved in the sting. We now know where we should make some budget cuts.

Must have been a slow day. Legalize it, regulate it and make it safe. But you can make it safer for the women who feel they need to do it for a living. It should be None of the women are local residents. And they were heavy on the proof reading.

I guess its a good thing that Flagler detectives have nothing better to do then to lure women from other counties in for practicing the oldest known profession. That more than likely NOT the case. I wish the story went on like, 5 Where to find prostitutes in daytona beach were picked up and taken to Women Recovery Home. These sort of stings are pointless and a complete waste of resources. Staly just wants to look like Grady Judd Polk County Sheriff who loves the media attention with his bloviating sound bites.

Prostitution / solicitation crimes in florida

Is prostitution the sort of offense that le to other criminal behavior, such as Sex Trafficking, Drug Use and etc? Sure, is this a worthy sting?

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No, and quite frankly I agree with FlaglerLive in the tone of this article. Many agencies are abandoning these stings as all too often you end up where the charges are dropped due to entrapment issues, and privacy issues. Look at the Asian Massage Spa stings in South Florida that caught NE Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, lawyers made a bunch of money, virtually no one was punished for any wrongdoing, nearly all charges end up being dropped. As for the Graham Swamp sting, I am on the fence about that one.

Is there an issue with old geezers trolling parks looking for a BJ? Apparently so! Is this sort of behavior in a public park acceptable? Are there reports of any of these men accosting or exposing themselves to uninvolved park patrons?

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Not that I have heard of, but maybe so. Should these men just get a hotel room so they can engage in these anonymous jerk sessions in private? Well of course! I have heard of them doing this in public restrooms in parks, department stores, hardware stores and etc. Does the risk where to find prostitutes in daytona beach getting caught and shamed in the media help to curtail the prevalence? To address this issue, cops need to think outside of the box err, no pun intended. Focus on criminal behavior that is a dredge on society.

Work with the local courts and county to fund more helpful mental health and drug rehab programs. I am all for locking up scumbags, though until we as a society can address mental health and the dependency on narcotics that run hand in hand with mental health disorders, jail just becomes a wet band-aid. You and I think a lot alike. I worked 6 years with my local SO after getting out of the Airforce before making the change to Fire Rescue and retiring.

I always had a hard time busting people for certain things. I used Officer Discretion as much as possible. And cut breaks when I could. Now it seems some of them really let that badge go to their head. Is this where our tax dollars go? Fighting the worlds oldest profession? Out of 5 people, only 1 woman had a small amount of drugs on her. I never cared for these types of sting operations. While you set people up for a blow job. What a complete waste of tax dollars in my honest opinion.

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Really…Youve got nothing to do???? Dont we have enough problems here, without adding to it? Come on Sheriff, what are you trying to prove? Its not like we have street walkers down town, we dont even have a downtown. How about dealing with it. Just came back from Key West and the local police were too busy enforcing masks on public sidewalks to worry about an occasional BJ. Waste of tax payers money, this is exactly why we need to defund the police.

These cops would have been better served handing out good to the homeless. One of the oldest professions ever and it is still illegal!? Legalize prostitution! So this is to make the sheriff department look good. I think NOT. Anytime we have to trick people into breaking the law is not a good time in America or in the world. Some states have made Weed legal and Oregon the first state to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of street drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine but still have prostitution illegal. Make where to find prostitutes in daytona beach legal, get these people in some health program, health cards and stop wasting taxpayers money.

Hide your wallet. Please they are not a Threat with all due respect. So it took 6 offices to arrest 5 Prostitutes. There will always be crime in every city. Picking on vulnerable women is not a good luck. Why not go after the men paying these women. For it is the doom of men that they forget. We sure have a Sheriff of the century…. No money for masks that even fit some of the officers properly because they are so cheaply made my opinion. No fun left if that happened.

How do you all see it?

Prohibiting prostitution and related acts

It is clear, this is obvious Entrapment. I guess with the prosecutor in house and in cahoots! I agree keeping it out of our Parks. Get em Shire of the Rife. And sans the mask standing behind Trump.

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