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No, literally. The first time I went to Sunny Beach was in the summer of I had just finished school and I had no clue what to do with my time, energy and money. I was drained from the stress and the routine, so I decided to sunny beach prostitutes a look at a few options for travelling. This was also the first and probably the last time I travelled and will travel through a travel agency. I saw an offer for two weeks in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria with accommodation, plane tickets and transfers included for ish Euros.

But being stubborn as I am, I bought the tickets and went for it. Everyone sunny beach prostitutes the bus was also on the same flight as me and they were all Finnish, so I had to go out of my comfort zone, speak Finnish and try to figure out where I should go off the bus. Although my room was very big and nice, there was no air conditioning or Wi-Fi. The windows were huge and made out of glass, so the sun heated it up like a greenhouse. Everything melted, even my chapstick.

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I had to sleep naked, make my sheets wet and try to somehow get some oxygen to breathe. With me sleeping naked, a row of fun incidents happened. After some time I started leaving tip for her because damn, she deserved it. On the first day I realized that I had come to the wrong place.

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Sure, the sea was a short walk away and I had everything I needed, but it was a resort. Only a resort.

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Just simply hotels sunny beach prostitutes hotels full of Western tourists fulfilling their wildest dreams and locals working 24 hour shifts in order to provide it all for them. Nothing authentic, nothing cultural, nothing historic. I spent my evenings in local bars and cafes, where I listened to live music and talked to strangers, because what else could one do there?!

The people I met were quite interesting. I heard stories of Bulgarians working in Sunny Beach for the season just to gather enough money to pay for their studies or to support their families. They told me what they have to put up with and why you cannot spot many Bulgarians in Sunny Beach on a vacation.

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I met world travellers who just happened to end up in Sunny Beach. I met Westeners who had no idea what they were doing there except that they wanted to do drugs, party like sunny beach prostitutes and hook up with random people. And what did I do? I soaked up their life stories like a sponge. So, yes, the place was like a zoo. Their behavior was truly animal-like. I felt so bad for the people that had come there for a family vacation. What was sad though, was the trash.

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Every night, the main street would be covered in trash. The trash cans were completely empty while the street was full of litter.

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That happens every day of the season, each year. Can you imagine how much trash is that?! For the first time of my life, I was glad to head back home. The second time was in the summer ofafter I had moved to Bulgaria.

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So, why did I go back? Well, first of all, I went with a big group of people. I thought that I could just kind of ignore the surroundings, enjoy the sea and the beach.

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So, off we went again. On the second night, we decided to go to Sunny Beach as we were staying in Nesebar which is an old town next to Sunny Beach. We got all caked up, put on some nice clothes and got on a bus to the center. The bus was more packed than a metro on rush hour in Sofia.

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I put my sunny beach prostitutes and my phone in a handbag. When we got off the bus, I realized that my phone was gone. Of course, I freaked out. We started calling mytrying to think if I could have left it anywhere. Everyone else still wanted to go party but my mood for the evening was ruined, I got into an argument with one of my flatmates and then I just walked back to Nesebar.

The next day I went to search for the police station. When sunny beach prostitutes arrived, there was a long line outside of the station. Before getting there, Pablo called Bile to come with us, in case we need someone who understands and speaks Bulgarian. While waiting for our turn, we had the chance to speak to the others waiting in line and it turned out that during that night around 17 people had their phones stolen. Some lost all of their money, some got beaten up and so on.

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Thanks to Bile we got sunny beach prostitutes skip most of the line and were soon guided inside. They also assured me that my phone will most definetly end up in Romania and filing in the report is pointless. We were all frustrated by being questioned by the police and just when I had ed around 15 papers and we thought it was all done, they told me I have to pay in order to file the report.

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No, not in cash, with my credit card. My credit card! So yes, imagine getting robbed, going to the police and then getting robbed again by the police. Ah, Sunny Beach.

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While we were in the station, we sunny beach prostitutes out that the same night one of our friends got robbed as well. He actually had it worse. He was drunk on the street when 4 guys grabbed him, hit him a bit, took his phone and all the money he had on him. We decided to go to the beach, relax and try to forget everything that had happened. Since it was already aroundmost of the people around us left the beach and soon enough we were the only ones still laying on the sand. Then, a tractor appeared.

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The tractor was there to carry tubes and motorboats out of the water. Next to us there was around 20 meters of completely free space for the tractor to drive on.

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But no, he had to drive right next to us. At one point the driver almost got into a fistfight with Pablo, so we decided to move somewhere else in order to avoid the physical part of the conflict as we had already passed the part where everyone is insulting each other.

At that point of the trip, I was just numb. I wanted to get back to Sofia, to get away from the locals that are sunny beach prostitutes pissed off at tourists and to get a proper rest.

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Finally, the day arrived. Before leaving, we went for the one last lunch in a seafood restaurant and headed to the bus stop. Ten minutes before the bus arrived, Bile realized that she had lost her bus ticket.

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We searched through everything we had with us and she ran back to the restaurant in case she left the ticket there. While we were giving our bags to the bus driver, Bile sunny beach prostitutes into the bus. Although this text is already too long, I only touched the surface of everything what happened there during my two vacations. The juicier stuff will be only known by me or those who were there because as I said, what happens in Sunny Beach, stays in Sunny Beach or goes to Romania.

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